Sunday, June 13, 2010

Drumroll please...

Hooray - you survived the first week!  Have you been recording your points each day, I hope? Remember they need to be emailed to me (or leave a comment on this post) by 10pm tomorrow night - Monday! There will be penalties for not getting your points to me on time! 
I know you're all awaiting the mystery point suggestion from the last week - so without further ado, let me draw one out of my jar here

and there it is! Give yourself a point if you wrote in your journal, or scrapbook or blog this week. No, you can't hurry and do it today to get the point - remember Sunday is free day, no points can be earned today.  I would say Facebook or Twitter probably don't count - if it's not something you'd consider a "journal entry".  This suggestion will be thrown out and not come back to the jar in the future - no repeats with mystery points.


  1. Hello Everyone! I thought I was finishing off the week perfectly until I woke up at 4:00 this morning and realized I had forgotten to read my scriptures last night. I didn't write in my journal this week either. Bummer! Oh well. My points for the week: 43. -Monica Adair

  2. Monica - missing yesterday's scripture study costs you TWO points, not just one - because you don't get the bonus point for "not missing a day". Assuming you are at ideal weight tomorrow morning (or are you trying to lose?) then you can still earn 42 points for last week - but not 43.

  3. You're right! Aaaahhhh! I am good on the other stuff though. -Monica