Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fun. And Sweets.

Is everyone having a good time with this challenge, I hope? I have to admit I've been pretty miserable the last couple of days being sick with a sore throat, coughing... and STILL having to get on my treadmill and run. Ugh. I passed a QT today and longingly wanted a nice vanilla DC to make my throat feel better.....

BUT HEY - no complaining, right????

Amberly brought up the subject of sweets versus desserts - and honestly I'm surprised no one else has. To be clear, a little sweet is okay - desserts are NOT.  Any time of day. You can't have a piece of chocolate cake at 7am and call it breakfast!   Let's approach this with a series of Q & A - so we're all on the same page, huh??

Q:  Trader Joe's Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds - - - dessert or sweet treat?

A: I say 2 or 3 is okay, as a sweet - having 20 would be a dessert. Once these are in MY house, I cannot resist at all, (honestly have to be my VERY FAVORITE TREAT) so personally I'm choosing to abstain from ALL this kind of stuff for the next 11 weeks. Don't tempt fate, and all that.

Q:  Doughnuts - dessert, or if I have one alongside orange juice can I call it breakfast?

A:  Absolutely not. Doughnuts = dessert, no matter the time of day.  That goes for doughnut holes too!

Q:  Muffins vs. Cupcakes - - both desserts?

A:  This is a fine line, methinks, but here's where I would draw it.  Frosting = always a dessert. Whole wheat banana muffins with SOME chocolate chips????? ummmm, probably okay. What do you think?

Q: Nutella with bananas - - dessert or snack?

A:  Again, fine line - - Nutella might as well be melted chocolate chips, in my book!

Q:  Is Trail Mix okay?

A: Yes, in moderation.   Like, a handful of trail mix w/M&Ms -  NOT A DESSERT.   Handful of M&Ms that you’ve picked out of trail mix??  DESSERT.   : )

Honestly, the point is to NOT be treating yourself with sweets every time you have a craving, so instead of finding a bunch of "replacement" sweets, go eat an apple! Take a bubble bath! Take a walk! Drink a bottle of water!

Please share your thoughts, if you got 'em!


  1. Four 1 inch pieces of Australian Licorice, sweet or dessert?

  2. sweet. although I've never had austrailan licorice...