Sunday, June 6, 2010

Week #1 Challenge: No Sweets/Treats!

Week #1's weekly challenge is no sweets/treats!  This is not quite the same as "No Desserts" - but doing this the first week will greatly help you avoid desserts for the rest of the challenge by knocking out those sugar cravings!  No sweets means absolutely no candy, no jam on your peanut butter sandwich, no pancakes with syrup, no 1/2 cup of brown sugar dumped on your oatmeal, etc - if you're gonna have cold cereal, make it Total and not Fruity Pebbles this week, you know?  I say if you question it, then don't eat it! 


  1. so I had a dream last night that I had forgotten, or didn't realize what day it was or something and I had cheated. it was such sickening feeling. I was completely relieved when I woke up, although I was worried and thought maybe I should post signs on my fridge "NO TREATS!" ha!

  2. haha-I did too! I had a dream that I woke up and ate a bowl of fruit loops and I was SO mad!