Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week #3 Challenge: 7 Hours of Sleep Per Night!

The goal is to get seven consecutive hours of sleep here. If something comes up (puking kids, earthquake, whatever) then it's okay to try and play catchup with a nap the next day, but this isn't ideal.

I know when I stay up late and miss out on sleep it's usually because of a CHOICE I've made, like staying up to watch a movie, etc, not generally because of something I HAVE to do. So let's make a conscious effort this week to get the rest we need!  This is an easy one! We all know how to sleep! And if you can't count to seven, well, I just can't help you.

**Reminder** Please weigh yourself in the morning and get your points to me by 10pm tomorrow night (Monday) please!

1 comment:

  1. my end of the week: camping on the rez. desert. tent. small children. DJ blasting music late into the night. fireworks. early morning roosters. let's pray I get enough to sleep to merely survive, shall we?!