Monday, June 14, 2010

it's time to share!

This is Amberly. I was bugging Shellie too much about stuff I wanted posted, so she gave me rights to do it myself! There are two things I think are worth sharing:

1. Share with us one success that you had last week. Be it weight loss, body fat, or perhaps your exercise regimen got easier as the week went on... whatever you feel great about!

2. Share one of your favorite healthy snacks or fun new food finds. We're all always looking for new ideas, so share away!

And since I'm writing, I will take the liberty of going first. Last week I maintained current weight, but I lowered my body fat percentage by 2 points! I feel great about that. And let's just put it out there that since I have zero breast to lose from, we're hoping it's coming off the back side!!

We have recently discovered almond butter at our house. My kids devoured almond butter and raspberry jam sandwiches for lunch today. It is yummy to dip apple slices into and have a snack that includes both a carb and a protein. I've also purchased greek yogurt to try with a few fruit mix-ins. I'm hesitant because I'm not a big yogurt fan, but I'm retraining myself!

One more thing... a fun fitness friend introduced me to It has a great tool for tracking calories and a ton of other fun stuff. If you're interested, take a look and become familiar with it before counting calorie week is upon us!

Your turn! success and fav snacks... go!

( I kind of promise that I won't abuse this power and post too often. kind of.)

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  1. 1. I was a big evening snacker. While I was famished on the first night, by the end of the week I downgraded to merely hungry, and it keeps getting a little easier every day. I am more aware of what I'm eating during the day too.
    2. Yoplait light yogurt in red velvet cake. Yum!