Monday, July 5, 2010

Week #5 Challenge: Eat your Recommended Daily Fiber

I have to admit, in my last challenge I kind of dreaded fiber week - but this time I'm totally looking forward to it! I just feel SO much better when I eat more fiber - and there are yummy ways to do it, too! No, you don't have to eat bran flakes and drink Benefiber all day long - GAG, seriously. Speaking of fiber drinks, our goal this week is to EAT our fiber, not just drink it, so we get into the HABIT of being aware of, and choosing, high-fiber foods as part of our regular diet.   *** Suzette is our whole-grain guru - - do you want to help us with this fiber thing and offer some suggestions???? ***

First, please go here

and figure out how much fiber is recommended for you.  Then please keep track of your fiber and write it down as you go throughout each day.

(Or if someone finds a better calculator, let me know - I'd like to find one where you actually enter your weight, instead of your "frame size")  Mine is 25 grams per day, I believe. Men's recommended fiber is always higher. I know my husband's is 31 or 32??

I suggest you google and print out a list of high-fiber foods along with their #s and try to incorporate some into each meal.  My #1, hands-down favorite food is the all-perfect avocado, which has a whopping 11 grams in it!   Other high-fiber foods include artichokes, raspberries, blackberries, apples, lentils, black beans.....   See? I told you there was yummy ways to eat fiber!

I'd love it if people shared some recipes this week that are high in fiber - - - hint, hint - - - Good luck!

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  1. Here's a good article with high fiber foods listed: