Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mystery Point...

this week was "Take time to wash & moisturize your face 2 times a day" - yeah! This was an easy one for me because I am constantly trying to clear my face. I even had a facial on Friday - can I get a bonus point for that?

If you did this mystery point every day this week, give yourself the point and make sure you get your point total to me by tomorrow night (Mon) 10pm at the latest!


  1. Ok shellie, I know I've asked you about this mystery point before and you said to do what worked for my skin. So, one morning because I didn't exercise I didn't need to wash my face. Every other day I washed twice. I know you guys are getting sick of my nit-picky questions, but if I win I want it to be honestly, so can I count the mystery point even if I had to adjust it a bit?

  2. I think you should do whatever you feel is right with the points. I'm not going to make that decision for you, you have to Personally I wash my face in the shower with a scrub after exercising every day, then I put on a sunscreen/moisturizer throughout the day, and then I wash my face with toner & use a night moisturizer before I go to bed. So I do not wash & moisturize the same WAY twice a day, but I still feel like I earned the point.

  3. I don't know how many times I've typed some version of this comment out on my phone just to click post, and then leave the site before realizing that it took me to a security word screen and didn't post the comment, arrgh! :)

    Anyway, I personally feel like I earned the point because I washed my face after exercising and before bed, even though one day that excluded the morning. It's funny the things that each of us struggles with. I've never washed my face this much in my life, so my skin has struggled to adjust as I try to find a twice a day routine that works for me. On things like this challenge I'm all for "the spirit of the law" as several people have said before, I'm just wary of giving myself more flexibility than others might allow themselves. But then, I have no problem being super strict on challenges like no sweets/desserts, which I thought I would have struggled with more...And all this fruit, holy cow, that was harder than I expected! I'm nervous about my weigh in tomorrow after all those calories!

  4. I LOVED fruit week - completely enjoyable to work in every meal. I went and bought 12 pints of raspberries yesterday at Safeway when they were on sale, I think we've been through 2 of them myself already