Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Point Tallies - we're 3/4 done!

How is everyone feeling about this here shindig? I had no idea I'd have to be so PERFECT in order to win - and I'm TIRED! Since Feb. 1st, though, I have lost more than 25 pounds, and it's awesome to feel strong and thinner than I have since before I had kids. (Remember this is my SECOND fitness challenge for this year, I haven't lost all 25 since we started this second round) There are still a few items of clothing that I can't fit into yet, but I'm no longer discouraged that I'll never get there. How about you? How much weight have you lost? Or inches? Or body fat percentage? Are you fitting into your "skinny" clothes yet?


  1. Yesterday I started feeling burnt out! I've learned a lot about discipline and learning really creative ways to get my exercise in (jogging on the shoulder of the freeway during a traffic jam, running stairs at a motel, cardio in the little bathroom/entryway to a hotel room where I wouldn't keep my 1 year old awake, etc.). I've also LOVED getting in the habit of not eating after 7:30pm. I've been surprised how supportive people are of these goals and how it has not made all of my traveling that much harder. I am SO excited to be able to eat sweets more, but I'm also determined to keep this discipline! I only wanted to lose a few pounds, but I know my shape must have improved beyond that because I'm fitting into my clothes much better than 4 pounds alone could have changed. And I do have to say, that I really hoped being perfect would have meant 1st place, not tied with you Shellie! :) But way to go on 25 pounds!!!

  2. Oh yeah, and last night I had a dream that I sat down to eat at a restaurant and absent mindedly drank the soda in front of me and I was SO upset. The first thing I though when I woke up was, "phew, I didn't drink any soda." The whole thing is funny because I rarely ever drink soda, even not during the fitness challenge, so I never really think about that part of the challenge.