Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mystery Point...

this week was "Go get (or give yourself) a manicure or pedicure" - Now that we all should be at least slightly skinnier and most certainly in better shape, let's stay well-groomed too! Nothing's worse than nasty cracked, dry heels in my book...   For the men in our challenge, I'd say the equivalent for this mystery point would be earned if you trimmed your nails or got a haircut this week.  : )

How did everybody do with push-ups?  I'm a WIMP, but I only had soreness the first three days, and then I was fine. How about you?


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  2. A pedi or mani doesn't necessarily mean painted nails. I haven't spent a dime on this mystery point any of the ten weeks - I usually get together with a friend and do pedicures. If you feel like you've groomed yourself and your nails well this week, then give yourself the point. Up to you. This has been on the "possibility" list from the beginning.

  3. I thought the same thing when I saw this on the list of possibilities. I never paint my finger nails, so I just made sure that I either painted my toe nails, or took the time to trim/file my fingernails for this point.