Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mystery Point...

for the VERY LAST WEEK was "Read the Sunday School or RS lesson before church".  If you did this this last week, then add that point to your total.

Man, I wish this would have come up the first week instead of the last... I read a whole lot of gospel doctrine lessons for nothing... Just kiddin' - I have to assume I read the right lesson this week; being over in Primary I'm kind of out of the loop!  Job did give me a bit to think about... sometimes I think I have it

(My husband wishes that the "yardwork" point wouldn't have come up 'til the end  - he barely had to touch our yard the first few weeks of the challenge, lol. I DID mow and trim yesterday afternoon, though, before the monsoon hit! You're welcome honey!)

ANYWAY - I digress. I hope everyone enjoyed the mystery points. I know I'm conscious of it, and regularly wearing sunscreen now, I'm more often looking for opportunities to serve others, digging in and cleaning/organizing more often in my home than I used to, (versus trying to half-shut my eyes and ignore those spaces), shunning fast food more often than not, I've read almost every conference talk from the last year (usually all I get out of general conferences are really good naps), and I've got a semi-regular pedicure date with a friend now - which is an excuse for some good-old fashioned girl talk every couple of weeks.  How about you?

That's what this challenge was all about - DEVELOPING GOOD HABITS. If these mystery points have lodged themselves in the back of your brain somewhere, then that's what they were supposed to do - be reminders that we should be taking care of ourselves and others, plus exercising our minds along with our bodies!  Congrats everyone!

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